Recorded Moments has been working with industry leaders across the world providing them with the highest quality recordings. Since 2003 we have been working to make sure our clients get the best service possible and work hand in hand with our clients to see that their experience is the best possible.

Some of our clients include: Armand Morin, Mark Victor Hanson, Chris and Janet Attwood, Jack Canfield, Ray Edwards, Mark Joyner, Tellman Knudson and many many more!

Peace of Mind

Knowing that your recording is in good hands - no more worrying about whether your recording will be "lost".

Live Monitoring

All our recordings are monitored by a live person which prevents technical errors, and improves call quality.

High Quality Recordings

We record in high quality MP3 - this gives our recordings a much better sound than anyone else.

Quick Turnaround Times

Our quick turnaround times mean we turn around and send you your recordings within 12 hours.

Our Services

Below are some of the services we offer. Learn more by clicking the links below.

Teleseminar RecordingWebinar Recording
Teleseminar PlaybackWebinar Playback
Teleseminar EditingWebinar Editing